Location: Tehran, Iran

Program: Office (office, parking, public amenities)

Area: 6 220 m2

Client: Pause Group

Status: Under Construction


Project Management: Pause Group

Structural Design: Afshin Masoudi

Electrical Engineer: A4 Group

Mechanical Engineer: Abshar Engineering Group

Fire & Life Safety: Imen Sanaat Agraa

Construction Documentation: Fardano Consulting Architects and A4 Group


In the last decade, Jordan district, a high-end residential neighbourhood in Tehran, has transformed into a major commercial zone with companies often retrofitting existing residential buildings to house their offices. NoRA’s project for this G+6 building is one of the rare instances where a structure is intently designed to accommodate offices.

To provide maximum flexibility in occupying the floor plates, the wet programs (restrooms and canteens) as well as the vertical circulation, utilities and storage rooms are all consolidated within a central core, thus resulting in two open office spaces on either side: to the north and to the south.

In contrast with the somewhat over expressive façades in the city, the exterior of the building is designed as a simple stack of horizontal bands that reflect the continuity and openness of the interior space. The dark and textured concrete bands, though simple, set the building apart. 

Exterior 1.jpg
Axon 3.jpg
Lobby INT.jpg
Interior 1.JPG
Interior 2.JPG