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Location: Kish Island, Iran

Program: Cable-car station, Café

Area: 1 000 m2 GFA

Client: PM Corporation GmbH

Status: Under Construction, 2018


Structure Design: Parkook Shaldeh

Construction Documentation: A4 Group


Located on the rooftop of Mica Mall in Kish Island, Iran, Mica Cable-Car Station serves as a point of arrival from, and departure to the renowned Recreational Pier of the Island. Therefore, the station space is meant to be one of the main entrance lobbies of the shopping mall.

The design intent is to render visible the cable-car's flow and sophisticated mechanism from inside the shopping mall. The inner skin of the station, facing the public areas, follows the form of the turning tracks, and the machinery is exposed through a transparent facade. 

The flow of the cable-car is conceived of as a sequence of sensorial experiences that take place in a seamless succession of physical spaces that altogether form the station.

The significant height difference between the public areas of the mall and the cable-car station is taken advantage of to propose an iconic 120m ramp as a structuring element, around which all the major functions and components of the station are consolidated: ticket booth, foyer, VIP parking, operator room, boarding platform and cinema cafe. 

That connecting ramp is the vector that merges the mall, the station platform and the cinema area in one single sculptural gesture. 

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Installation of machinery

Installation of machinery

Installation of machinery

Installation of machinery

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